The Real Steroid Era

Hello, I’m T2, and i’m a “sports-talk radio-aholic.” I have a pretty regular diet of Mike and Mike in the morning, and try to catch the evening talk of “the Two Live Stews” and Parton the Interruption.  Forgive Me.

My seeming need for knowledge in all things competition gives me a desire to dialog about sports.  Not just sports, the backstories behind them, the people, the values, the exploitation.  In recent years, we have witnessed the public hangings of baseball players for the “illegal” use of performance enhancing drugs a.k.a. steroids. I hear members of society crucifying the character of these individuals for trying to “get ahead.”  Fans decrying that the sports star has somehow personally attacked them and made their children lose hope in “the pure nature of baseball.”  GIVE ME TWO BREAKS!

He who is without sin among you; let him cast the first stone.  We eat more steroids in a piece of Church’s Chicken on Sunday afternoon than a baseball player does before the World Series.  Before I sound like one with a stone in my hand, let me clearly state that I too am guilty.  I did not know how guilty I was until I began to grocery shop for my children.  The things we put in our bodies should bring about tears and hopelessness. The neighborhoods that have been classified as “food desserts” should be cause for uproar; not Barry Bonds hitting a home run in San Fransisco.  People are hungry, children are starving, and those who do eat are consuming additives that could mean the demise of generations.

The truth of the matter is that we all are involved in the steroid era.  Everything from our TV’s to greed are on steroids.  What if we as a society spent less time judging public faces, and regulating ourselves.  I’m gonna try for me.  Anyone care to join?

Peace, Blessings, and Ball Games!


2 thoughts on “The Real Steroid Era

  1. First: Much love! I can’t agree more with what you are saying. I realized this when we seen the documentary, Food Inc. ( Have you seen this yet? If not, see it pronto! This doc. was an eye opener!

  2. You already know I’m on board. In addition to Food Inc, there is a book called Fast Food Nation that I recommend to everyone I know.

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