This Time Last Year’s Bee Movie (Shots out to “Slick”)

Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever…” – Isak Dinesen

This time last year, my family of four was moving from basement to basement waiting on our newly purchased home to be vacated so we could move in.  Allow me to set the context:  Our former home was on the market for over 8 months.  Some would say “what are you complaining about? In this market; that’s great!”  There’s something nearly impossible about having your home “show” ready for eight months with a one year-old and an 11 year old.  After the flood in the basement, the birth of our son, the heat, the uncertainty, the home that we did put an offer on that ended up being in foreclosure under two different banks; I would submit that this was the longest year of my life!

In an effort to get out of our former house, I enlisted the help of a great family friend(s) to help us power wash the outside of our home.  This family (who’s identity will not be mentioned to protect the innocent,) came over and spent a day cleaning, power washing, and hanging out!  Now, this may seem to be the end of the story to the un-T2 familiar.  Those of you who know me, know that I am not an outdoorsy type.  Being up on a ladder with a power washer in the heat of summer does not constitute a “good time” for me.  Well, come to find out, I should have stayed inside!

My buddy “slick”, who is truly an “outdoorsy” type (this dude knows the nuances of frogs & toads sexual patterns), is spray washing on the ladder while I am sweating profusely and cleaning the walls underneath.  Suddenly, I feel an unfamiliar object fall on my head…

Remember…I’m not an outside adventurer!

It’s a bee hive!

I’m a grown man, with children.  I don’t scare easy.  However, i’m man enough to admit, I was Scurred!  Yes I said  “Scurred”  not scared! As I ducked and recovered, the melodious sounds of laughter filled the air.  Thanks be to God, I came out of that nightmare unscathed.

What’s my point?  Life can become so stressful.  In an effort to move forward, we can lose sight of what’s important.  Much more than a beehive fell on my head that day; perspective knocked me down.  My family was safe, I had friends who came to help me at a moments notice, and God still loves me enough to save me from the killer bees!

Stress is natural, life is hard, but don’t wait until the hive drops to see that you’re still here!

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Peace, Blessings, and Perspective!


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