Lifecycle 101 – Battling for Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Greetings Friends!

I’ve been in somewhat of a cramp for a few, however, here I am.  If you’re like me, there are times, seasons, periods, maybe even years in your/my life where we seek balance in life.  Scholars and theologians alike have argued for centuries about the realistic nature of “balance” in our lives.  Can we actually obtain homeostasis?  Is equilibrium something that we should strive for?

Even songwriters and playwrights have joined the debate.  Is their really such a thing as “50/50 love?” Can an ever changing life, full of ever changing dynamics achieve a state of balance?

I don’t know.

However, what I have observed in my life and the lives of others whom I have been blessed to share my lived experience with was taught to me around the age of  6 by my 13 year old neighbor Mark.  Not to choke on nostalgia, but I grew up in a time and space where children played outside and learned life lessons void of technology and formalized entertainment.  Mark was a great sage for my life because he could do bike tricks!  He had the coolest “Mongoose” bike and I had just got a “BMX” for my birthday.

(Now, there were many things I did as a child that nearly killed me in my attempt to be a world-class bike rider, and World Wrestling Federation Superstar; however, jumping off of various outdoor objects on my bike without helmet or pad has to make the top 10 list.)

After taking a couple of bunny hill jumps on street curbs and falling as I attempted to engage the brake after the jump, Mark said “Tim, you’ve gotta keep going to keep your balance after you jump, if you don’t, you’ll keep falling.”

That sentiment is truer today than it was then.  In life, we all take jumps.  We attempt to make our way in the world with varying degrees of risk and difficulty; no matter what the jump, no matter the mode of transportation, we have to keep moving in order to keep our safety, our success, our harmony, our balance.

Standing still is playing small.  Lack of movement is a sure formula for an unbalanced stage in life.  When I feel off balance, it’s time to move.  When you feel thrown off by life; move.  Keep moving for balance, keep moving for safety, keep moving and live!

Love, Blessings, and Balance,


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