An Unsung Hero!

Earlier this week, Kalamazoo lost a true hero in our City Commissioner Terry Kuseske.  Terry was truly a good man!  Because of his positionality in our world, Terry, far too often experienced hatred and bigotry that he did not deserve. 

Hero Kuseke

He dedicated his life to ALL children, and subsequently he fought until his death for the rights of ALL people. Unfortunately for our society, ignorance is still running rampid and mass confusion about how we are to respect and love one another are still permeating too many facets of our lives. 

Terry was an avid warrior fighting dismantle ignorance and demonstrate a pattern of love and grace to all he encountered. 

Terry will always be a hero to me, as he is one of the people who helped me to learn how to live out in REAL ways one of the core tenants of my faith…”Love thy neighbor as thyself…”

 Well Terry, take your rest knowing that you have helped us learn to love…no exceptions! 

May God’s richest comfort rest on the Kuseske family, and the Kalamazoo City Commission and community during this time of grief. 

Peace, Blessings, and Rest,


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