The Dangerous Disguise of Righteous Indignation

The work of the world is done on hate. All work done well is well done only when persons hate work done shoddily. Justice can exist only when injustice is hated, laws only when lawlessness is hated, and education only when ignorance is hated. Every improvement this world has ever known was brought about because someone hated intolerable conditions.

Jane Dunlap (1904-1974) Exploring Inner Space: Personal Experiences Under LSD-25, 1961 : Chapter 7, “Among the Blest”

Here we are in the midst of another political season where lies, vicious rumors, truths and half truths are told every millisecond across millions of mediums in the mediated images that we see, here, touch, and feel every day.  However as time goes on and I grow older, I see that hatred seems to be growing by the moment.  Tough times bring people to tough conclusions, and as the unresolved issues of race, economics, healthcare, war, budgets, and elections have some in our society claiming that the hatred and indignation we’re experiencing is in fact; righteous.

The question we face today: is it  right to hate a person for who they are?   Is it righteous to spew mean and hateful commentary at people as opposed to attacking issues? There are many things for which I am conservative and there are many things for which I am liberal.   I find myself in a juxtaposition between left and right,  right and wrong,  conservative or liberal.   I find that we are often caught  fighting over things we often don’t understand.  Unfortunately for our society today,  we begin to attack one another’s humanity as opposed to having disagreeable dialogue over the issues.

I would agree with the writer of the quote above that all great movements began with hate.  The hate of injustice, the hate of poverty,  the hate of mis-education,  and the hate for regression have taken our world to great places. However, we have to be very careful that we don’t confuse our unresolved inadequacy and prejudices with righteous indignation.  Righteous indignation fights against things that kill us all.   Debating over political ideologies is just that,  a debate.

I’m not naive to think we can control the madness that has become our electoral process, however, I know that each of us has control over the ways in which we contribute!

Peace, Blessings, and Clean Fighting….


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