C’mon Man!!!!

“You’re brand isnt what you say it is, its what google says it is”

– Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine 


I had the great opportunity to be in a professional development session for Marketing and Attraction recently. There were hundreds of concepts presented, seemingly thousands of sales pitches made, and soap box speeches galore (sound like any conferences you’ve been to?).

One of the speakers was talking about the dialectal tensions between courage and fear as it relates to ownership and power struggles around the policing of information. Who really owns information anymore? With a simple google search, information about communities, people, companies, and governments are universally available. However, there are people and organizations who truly believe that their role is to disseminate so-called “classified” or “priviledged” information. In the words of the guys on NFL today…”C’mon Man!!!” As Zoomprospector.com owner, Anatalio Ubalde stated, “this era will represent the death of the middleman; information and access to it is universal…”

The organizations that are claiming privilege to information are first place runners in a race to the bottom. The truth of the matter is that the present and the future of information sharing is not owned by persons in positions, but by cloud computing on the internet. The days of finding professional significance in being the “keeper” or “police” of information have passed. If you think you own the information about your organization or community you are pitifully mistaken. The successful future requires information ‘coaches’ who add value to the information, not ownership of the unowned.

As so eloquently stated by the speaker; “all of us do not live in the present…some of us live in the past; others live in the future. The message from the future is you don’t own the information, however you can add value to the information by adding the human touch. You can make the information come to life, however, you can no longer have ownership.

Some live in the past, some in the present, some in the future…what’s your address?


Peace, Blessings, and Future…



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