Soul Power – A King-ian theme V. I



This morning on the drive into work, I was thinking about what should I do today to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.  The idea of being headed to work on Dr. King day is yet debateable. We probably should respect Dr. King’s day like we do other national federal holidays, however, it is no surprise that my children are on their way to school, and I am on my way to work.

Nevertheless, a pleasant surprise came in the form of a radio show;  I was listening to the Steve Harvey morning show, and when I sat down in my car Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech began to play.  Immediately I thought to myself ‘oh no’, I can’t believe that Steve Harvey is playing the ‘I have a dream’ speech as opposed to all of the other wonderful less celebrated, less politically correct speeches King gave in his lifetime. I  figured that we were deeper than ‘I have a dream.’ Not that the dream is somehow less powerful, it is just been so commercialized over time that it is in some cases lost its potency.

My, my, my  was I wrong. As Dr. King spoke through his dream on my way into work,  chills ran up and down my spine and tears began to flow. I begin to question in my own heart;  what is it about King and that speech that moves me to tears?. I’ve heard that speech 200 times if I’ve heard it once. And something about Dr. King still moves my spirit.

It came to me; there’s a power that touches my soul when I hear him speak. There’s something that connects me to a much greater space. It’s what Dr. King calls “Soul Power.”  

So this week as we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday and his meaning to our world, I will do my small part by blogging about soul power every day of this week, I will reflect on love as a powerful force,  and talk about Dr. King and his influence on teaching us how to use soul power in our everyday life. I hope to explore the subject of love as seen through Dr. King’s eyes and look at what it means for all of us today. So get ready!  Come with me on this journey this week as we explore Soul Power for today and tomorrow!  



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