Soul Power – A King-ian Theme Volume III (Conscience)

A blessed King week to all of you.

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed how the power or love is a catalyst for courage. As we know, courage is a critical ingredient in the making of a great leader, however courage alone is not sufficient to be transformational. What we’re going to discuss today is soul power as conscience.

We have several examples throughout history of courageous leaders with no conscience. Courage without conscience almost always leads to catastrophe. How many times  have we witnessed the genocide of people, tribes, races, and nations of people destroyed because of leaders who had courage without conscience. Martin Luther King said in a great speech that “there comes a day when leadership asks us to do the things that are neither safe, nor politic or popular; there comes a time when the question is…is is it right?”  That’s what leaders have to grapple with today.  If you’re a leader who is been struggling on the sidelines of leadership and you observe things that go against good conscience; how do we stand by and let that continue?

 It is a dangerous time in our nation, our state,  and our cities when we ignore our conscience for sake of convenience or political gain. We know that there are several major issues in our world today that with some courage coupled with conscience we could have enormous impact for the good.. But what we have is cowardice, conscienceless people who ignore what’s right to do what’s convenient. Stand up for the issues of education, business growth, poverty, Wall Street, taxes, human rights issues, and many others; but please what ever side of the aisle you find yourself  standing on, whatever your political and/or religious persuasion;  please let’s not move forward without inserting soul power and love to pay attention to our conscience.

Love is required to pay attention to our conscience because you can’t see a person or an issue as your archenemy when your conscience is engaged. Engaging our consciousness will force us to listen more than we talk. It will force us to seek truth and not chatter. Conscience helps us to see ALL humanity as having equal worth and value to us in the world. We must engage our conscience!  If we do, we can move ourselves off of the cliff for which we are prepared to surely fall.

Blessings, peace and consciousness.

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