If you can’t dance…

“Life is a musical, and if you can’t dance…baby, you’re in trouble!” – Tim Terrentine 

There are days in our lives when we seem to be lost. No matter what moves we try, no matter what grooves we love, we just can’t find our rhythm. Too many days lately I have felt like a rhythmless soul.

I know that as leaders and as humans we all struggle from time to time with being “In-Sync” with the melodies of our lives. So I decided to take some time on the back porch of my house to barbecue a few carnivorous snacks and listen to Mr. Marvin Gaye. Soon after my wife and son joined me on the back porch and immediately they were in the groove.  They danced and bobbed their heads, all while smiling from ear to ear.   I didn’t realize it immediately,  but I have actually found my rhythm well! As the three of us danced on the back porch to Marvin Gaye’s ‘funky space reincarnation,’ I recognized and was reminded that life in general is just tough. The needle on our records bounce all the time, and we just can’t find the groove. But it’s not over if we can’t find the beat, because if you can just muster the energy to dance…right there, in that moment when the rhythm of life is muted by your present circumstance;  the groove will find you!

When I started to dance, I felt significantly better! So when life  has you knocked off your rhythm, I would encourage you to dance because even in those dark moments where you seem to be far far away from your funky space reincarnation, the groove will somehow find you and if i catches you dancing, you too can get back in rhythm . Peace, love and the boogie!


3 thoughts on “If you can’t dance…

  1. Hey Tim! Hope you’re doing well in the great city of Kalamazoo. I’m really enjoying your blog these days. Would you consider writing a guest blog about leadership (or maybe a more specific topic of your choice) for my blog, The Wednesday Wake Up? I know you’re incredibly busy, so if you’re interested in writing but need a few months, that’s perfectly fine. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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