And the Soul Felt It’s Worth…

And the Soul Felt It’s Worth…

It’s been a year of great opportunity and heartbreak in America.  Particularly as it pertains to our interaction with one another as humans.  We have seemed to regressed a bit in our quest to; as Dr. King would say “live together” as sisters and brothers. I fully understand on this beautiful Christmas morning that usually, our worst behavior has everything to do with US and not much at all to do with the person on the receiving side of our dysfunction.  Understanding that, It is my hope that all of us realize that we were all born with a purpose.  No greater reminder exists than the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ.  Whether you believe in him or not, take a look at what others see as truth behind the miracle; THE SOUL HAS WORTH and EVERY LIFE has meaning.  My prayer for you, me and the rest of the world today is that we find, remember and retain the truth that we are worth it.  Know that current circumstance is NOT the full story, and there is still room for a ‘weary world’ to rejoice and experience the ‘Thrill of Hope.’  This Christmas, make an attempt to love someone else into hope, but before we do that, we have to love ourselves enough to have peace. 

To Kids from 1 to 92…Merry Christmas,


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