Truth: C.F.O. is the most important position!


I have the privilege of meeting and engaging hundreds of people who share with me their visions, hopes, career aspirations and fears on a regular basis. I have always attempted to take each interaction seriously. However, if I am honest, there are times when I simply do not know what to do to assist people in their time of need, and there are times that I don’t even understand what they are even talking about!
However, as I reflect on what has worked, I see a common theme; facilitation. I am at my best when I am creating a space for people to live there fullest lives. I don’t have to solve the problem. I don’t have to create the solution. I don’t even have to be burdened with the challenge. I simply have to create the space for them to come to their authentic solution.

Too many of us spend so much of our lives feeling like we don’t have a space to be ourselves. This cripples creativity, inhibits innovation and stifles success. The greatest leaders I have met have embraced the role of “Chief Facilitation Officer.” These individuals lead in a way that allows people to have the appropriate resources, support and guardrails to accomplish their own goals, and reach their own destined potential. Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to get ‘out of the way’ enough for us to fly! As you see above, the most successful companies are companies that don’t OWN people’s successes and dreams, they simply provide the space.
Are you a C.F.O.?

Peace and Blessings,

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