Blame it on the Blaine

I may be biased, but my bias is informed.  I live in a great place!  The places, the promises and the people make Southwest Michigan great.  I know, every community has points of data that prove their awesomeness quotient, but whatever the top number is for evidence of awesomesauce; Southwest Michigan has it! On our quest to measure ourselves, one of the more difficult phenomenon to measure in community is the quality and power of its people.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight a person who has quietly and humbly become the community’s “chief gap filler.”  Blaine Lam has worked tirelessly to help this community be as good as its aspirations.  His resume’ is too robust to recite here; but his purpose and fruit of his work are clear.


When a needed community organization is failing desperately and in need of leadership; who you gonna call?  Blaine.

When you have a passion for health and wellness in a community and don’t know how to take it to scale, who you gonna call?  Blaine.

When opposing groups are fighting immaturely and cannot come together for the greater good, who you gonna call?  Blaine.

When your career takes a turn and you believe you can be an entrepreneur and you need a role model or coach on how to do it successfully, who you gonna call?  Blaine Lam.

When you need to reach out to hear the voices of everyday citizens, including those who have been disenfranchised and left out and you don’t even know where to start, who you gonna call?  That’s right, Blaine Lam.


At various critical times in our community’s story, there have been huge gaps in impact where LEADERSHIP is required, Blaine steps up.  His heart for the community and mind for creative strategy are true assets.  He works tirelessly to move the greater Kalamazoo area closer and closer to what it aspires to be everyday.  And, in true Blaine fashion, he does so without consideration of credit or blame.  I want to take just a moment on this platform to celebrate Blaine Lam for all of his quiet, impactful work on behalf of this great place I call home.  Thanks Blaine for being there.  Where?  There. Every time.  Right where the community needs you.

Maybe you have a Blaine in your community or family or workplace.  Take a moment today to say thank you!  They aren’t doing it for the thanks, however, i’m certain that a ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

If you look at our community and think we are getting closer to reaching our aspirations, you can certainly in part, blame it on the Blaine.

Peace, Blessings and more Blaine.


One thought on “Blame it on the Blaine

  1. I could not agree more- Blaine is a tremendous asset to the community- I learned so much from him when I came there 13 years ago to run the Kalamazoo County Convention and Visitors Bureau- Go Blaine!

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